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@Stuart Wright please could you try in a different browser/private browser window? There is absolutely no reason this should be happening :/

If it still doesn't work, could you start a conversation with me with site credentials, so I can debug locally?

Hello @Liam W
facing issue with latest version of your addon and XF 2.1.4 :

2019-09-25 15_33_45-Window.png

When selecting a Macro in dropdown list and saving the post, the new message do not appear. I have to reload the page to see it.
And admin shows this error messages.

Thank you for your support.
Liam W updated Post Macros with a new update entry:

Minor Feature Improvements & Fixes

A number of UI and usability improvements are included in 5.1.2:
  • Macros can now have a display order set, which will be respected both in the general macros list and also in the macro selector
  • Macros are now collapsed in the macros list. There is a per-user preference to default these to uncollapsed.
  • More macros are now displayed per page
  • Minor bug fixes

In addition, the following changes were made in 5.1.1, which wasn't posted on the XenForo Community resource...

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Liam W updated Post Macros with a new update entry:

Bug Fix

This patch release resolves two issues introduced into the installer in past versions:
  • Fix and resolve an issue which could cause invalid data to be retained in the database, due to an incorrect migration step.
  • Add missing installation steps to installer
Note: In order to normalise the data in the database, all macros must be iterated. If you have a large number of macros, this may take some time. You may wish to run the upgrade using the CLI at a quiet time.

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Hi there,

I just shared a personal macro with another user. They've got said macro in their "Inactive macros" list but have no way to "enroll" in it so it gets visible in the macro picker.

What went wrong? :(
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