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[Liam W.] Post Macros 5.2.0 Fix 3

No permission to download


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Hi there,

I just shared a personal macro with another user. They've got said macro in their "Inactive macros" list but have no way to "enroll" in it so it gets visible in the macro picker.

What went wrong? :(
Any update on this? :)

Liam W

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Whoops, missed that, sorry.

Just looked into it, was a fun one to debug. I've figured out what the issue was, I'll release an update in the coming days (I want to take a quick look through for anything else I've forgotten first).

For a quick fix, src/addons/LiamW/PostMacros/Repository/Macro.php line 440, replace:

$sharings = $this->finder('LiamW\PostMacros:MacroSharing')->where('macro_id', $macroIds)->fetch()->groupBy('macro_id');


$sharings = $this->finder('LiamW\PostMacros:MacroSharing')->where('macro_id', $macroIds)->fetch()->groupBy('macro_id', 'user_id');



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Only the free add-ons which are hosted on this site can be downloaded.

Naturally we don't have any of the paid add-ons, as they were hosted elsewhere.

I'll quote my own post from another thread though:
It's worth mentioning that all of Liam's resources now fall under the MIT license, as per his request.

That means any person, or persons has "without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software".

The reassigning of this resource to a specific individual does not transfer exclusive rights of the code or concept to that individual.


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Yes, send them to me, and I will look into taking it over.

This resource has been reassigned to @XenSoluce, at their request.

Understood, but I was looking to maintain his addons, not compete with someone.

What if I have a license of the add-on?

Hello, all existing licence will remain active on our site. We will explain more about this tomorrow ! (y)

Regards, SyTry

So what now?

Is it like who is first then his is addon or what?


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If is free to any developer to take care of this addon in future, I guess than I can send files to any person I want?
@ozzy47 will you take care of this addon, and should I send you files or not?

If it is free, I can put attachment here in post, latest version of this addon.


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Some news about this add-on :

Regards, SyTry


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After upload new (yours) files, there is not option to upgrade nor to rebuild addon.