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[Liam W.] Post Macros 5.3.0

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Liam W updated Post Macros with a new update entry:

Interim XF 2.1 Support

This version adds interim support for XF 2.1 - version 5.1 is in development, with exciting new features!

Note: Version 5.0.1 requires XF 2.1 and PHP 7. Version 5.1 will also have these requirements.

Note: After upgrade/install you need to add the post macros button to your editor toolbars. This is not done automatically.

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Sorry for the double post, but I see you have reacted already :D

Furthermore I have assigned all the required permissions and set "Allow post macros to be used in forum", but the popup does not open when clicking on the editor item using UI.X2. It doesn't work with the default style either, however:

Edit: Nevermind! I needed to enroll in the global macro.
Another error 1: I have 34 macros but only 20 are shown in the Admin CP overview so I cannot edit them. In the User CP (/account/macros/) all 34 appear, however

Another error 2: I have disabled "Enable macros in this forum" for a particular node but I am able to create new threads using a macro. I cannot, however, use a macro when replying to a thread.
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Found another error :)

The "post macros" link is shown in a users CP even though he has no permission to use macros. Upon clicking on the link, he gets the appropriate "no permission" page, but it'd be cleaner to just not show the link if he's got no permission to use it anyway.
@Liam W
any eta for stable version (5.1)?

Not as of yet. It's quite a large upgrade, and I took a bit of a break from development last month for personal reasons. I might look into moving some intended features to a later version in order to get a release out soon, though. More info when I decide 👍.

Liam W updated Post Macros with a new update entry:

5.1.0 - All Change!

Post Macros 5.1.0 brings some major changes - the most noticeable being the much improved layout of the front-end macros list. Each macro is now it's own block, making them stand out more and allowing the full range of BB Code to be displayed effectively (the previous layout had the control buttons overlaying tables).

Inactive macros are now listed on a separate page, and both lists are fully paginated - so those with large numbers of macros will no longer be subjected to a horrifically...

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Although I enjoy the new update, it seems that it automatically stickies a thread and closes it - even when the macro is set to not do that.

Ah, bottoms. This is happening due to a change in the way the metadata is stored in the macro record - an unset value is stored as null now, which is what the add-on checks for when replying to a thread.

I might be able to change the stored data with a query - I'll look into it now.

I could've sworn I'd fixed that here.
You did with the previous version. With 5.1.0 it's happening again - hence my assumption about a regression. Definitely no pagination elements in /admin.php?post-macros/.
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