Left & right sidebar ?


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Hey all,

THIS CAN BE A PAID JOB (if you can accept a gentleman's agreement that i will forward you a few $ once i have PP funds available.. I am not sure when this may be.. so a little IOU).. but will hold my end of the bargain i promise.

This is very important.. not just for my personal site where i will be releasing my designs from but also for planned upcoming xf styles..

This is a Photoshop Mockup of what i need basically..

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO: The left sidebar as i require this to be of full height.. not exactly within the other main content section and the right / standard sidebar.. if you get what i mean lol..

If anyone can provide me with a rough set of edits required within the template "PAGE_CONTAINER" I will be able to address the CSS and everything else.. Basically i want to gain understanding of how this should be applied correctly so that everything remains fully responsive.

I have actually managed to make this happen but don't feel ive done it the best possible way also looking at my mockup image above.. i need the top and bottom breadcrumbs to be unified where as my way of this 3 column layout is causing the bottom breadcrumb to be full width cutting into the left column.

I release this may take a few minutes of someones time if they have not tried this themselves but I am more than happy to assist you in return in any way possible.

Really appreciate any assistance here.. I will continue to try out some different ways but would prefer use what would be the "Correct / Best" method to do this.. everything must remain 100% responsive.


Regards, Darren
Been trying to figure out how to do this myself and would contribute towards a shared pot if you are up for that?

Alternatively if you figure it out and want to share the info I could also pay you a fee for it.


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LOL ???? :whistle:........... is there a thread maybe. ? Two months ago it was a problem according to the post ?


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Insert a div at correct place(not sure where but would be easy to locate if you know HTML) then apply a float left style to it


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Would love to be able to have a left and right sidebar in my forums, so I could make the xenforo experience more personal to my users.