XF 2.2 Sidebar pauses when scrolling?



I'm looking for help to figure out how I'm able to fix something. It's very small but it's generally an annoying thing and I'm not sure how to adjust it or if I'm just missing something. I want to be able to make my sidebar able to scroll with my forum/context list and it's not doing that. Currently, when I scroll, the sidebar will scroll a little then pause where my forum scrolls down instead until I reach a certain point at the bottom that allows the rest of the sidebar to continue scrolling down.

I've made a gif of what I mean. I want the sidebar to scroll with the forums when people are scrolling down so they can easily read the sidebar as I want them to see what the latest content is and not have to keep scrolling just to see it. I'm not sure if there's a buttom or if it's something I have to do in extra.less

Thanks in advance!
Looks like you're using a custom style. You may need to reach out to whoever made the style to ask them how to do it. That's not the default XF behavior.
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