Latest Wiki Updates/Recent Media Widget (Custom Add-on)

This might be a difficult request, but I am willing to pay for a custom add-on or template edit to achieve the following. I have two add-ons XenMedio and XenCarta, and I am trying to achieve Widget Framework functionality with both, in some way. If someone could replicate the Xenporta "Recent Media" Widget as a Widget Framework add on, that would be great. If not, well, I would like some kind of widget that shows the latest updated media with either a thumbnail or as plain link/text.

I would like the same sort of Widget for XenCarta. Some some of updating widget or script that shows the latest edits to the wiki. Doesn't have to be too in-depth, it can just show the latest edited page and what time it was updated.

I can't really pursue other options as far as a wiki or media gallery goes, as they either don't provide the options/functionality I need, or I have already adopted the add-on to a great extent (xencarta).

Willing to work with whoever wants to take this task on, and work with the developer. It is something I greatly need to keep the functionality and content flowing through to my site. As a result I am willing to pay upwards of $100 USD for each widget/script (depending on the work necessary and final result).

Again, I am willing to pay a high cost/obtain a quote, as this is something that is crucial to my site. I realize this does require familiarity with Xemedio/Carta and Widget Framework.

If you can create a custom widget or script that will get the job done without reliance on these add-ons, that would be great. However, the content is located within the Medio/Carta addons, and I would like compatibility with Widget Framework in someway (in case I want to change my site design).
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