Large sum of issues..

King Norse

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I've just installed XenForo to my server. The only page that works is..

If you try to click anything else, you get an error and it takes you back to my server host's web page.

I've gone into the admin panel and created a new page but that only makes a new forum subject.

To get new pages do I need to make a new folder in my directory and install xenforo to that folder? Seems like that's something you wouldn't do, so I am lost.


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Looks like you have a the Community directory, but hovering over some links, did you upload the files to community/forum by chance?


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Need to set up your Home tab to redirect to the community directory. You do this by going to your ACP -> Home -> Options -> Basic Board Information -> Home Page URL.

And I hope you don't already know this. That way I'm helpful and not just being a meddling tool.


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Sorry for the triple post. Did you create a /forums directory? Because some things are pointing to /forums and some things are still pointing at /Community.

edit (so I don't quad post):

I'm going to be switching back over to my game - coincidentally enough, Minecraft - but I'll stay on my Skype just in case you want to talk about it. I'll probably be on it for an hour or so from this posting.

Skype is either under David Nihsen or Edrondol. Not sure which one you see. If I don't hear from you then that's cool, too. Good luck!