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Large Forum - VB4 to Xen 2.. Questions


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I've got a moderately large forum I'm wanting to convert to Xen 2 sometime in the near future but my main issue is how stable is the conversion? Example, several million threads / posts need to switch over and I'm not wanting to run it via a standard web interface but maybe CLI so there are no time out issues. Is this something Xenforo is prepaired for or do I need to buy that Bigboard migration software?



Well-known member
XF will handle it fine via the CLI. You'll obviously want to do a test conversion before going live but it should all go smoothly.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Your best bet at this point is to use the built in importer and use the CLI to do it, and as Rob says above, definitely do some testing with it. If you hit any issues with the import, we should be able to help.

We don't do imports ourselves and as far as I know the big board importer isn't currently XF2 compatible (yet). but the built in CLI one should be up to the job :)


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Test import been running two days, very very slow. Even via CL it's just slow, maybe I need to reconfigure the database server a bit as it keeps dropping and I have to restart.