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I recently purchased xenforo (currently run vB4 on one site), and it gets the job done well enough to get by there. However, upon testing a design for a site I'm developing I've run into issues with large amounts of forums. The datastore and forumcache in vB4 don't play well with 1000+ forums/sub-forums. So, my question is is there anyone out there running that many forums currently on XF? If so, what type (if any) of performance issues have you run into, and have you been able to work around them?

Before anyone asks if I need that many forums I'll state simply, yes! With what my requirements are for the design and how the structure must be set up it's a necessity. Thanks in advance for any replies.


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The number of forums does matter to an extent, but only in a linear way. We have to build the forum list, and that includes counts that traverse the whole tree. We also serialize a lot of permission info, but that's only updated when saved; the relevant bits (only) are pulled when needed.

I don't see 1000 forums being an issue. I don't know if I'd want to do 20000 though. :)

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LOL... 20,000 isn't on the table yet, but maybe! Do you know of anyone who's currently managing this, or has this been discussed before and I didn't find the thread?


Okay updating this as I now see the link you've updated in your post. Excellent news!

Thanks for the reply and the link. ;)