Add-on Seeking dev to create RSS importer that limits characters and amount of feeds imported at once


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Is there a dev who can enhance the built in RSS feed importer?

I'd like to set a maximum number of characters or words pulled from the description field, for each post imported.

For example, each imported post will only show 500 characters, or 200 words... this way it's just a preview of the imported content, not stealing their whole story.

I'd like to set a max number of feed items imported on each run.

For example, if I have ten sports feed sources, then it will import a max of X number of posts from each source, on each import. This will prevent the system from flooding it with like 50 posts from the same source, in a row, taking away the other sources chances of visibility. Like 3 posts from yahoo, then 3 posts from espn, then 3 posts from another site... etc.

Any devs interested in the job?
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