As designed Languagemodel::importLanguageXml


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in method importLanguageXml you have following code:
if ($overwriteLanguageId)
       $writer->set('title', (string)$document['title']);
       $writer->set('parent_id', $parentLanguageId);

     $textDirection = (string)$document['text_direction'];

       'date_format' => (string)$document['date_format'],
       'time_format' => (string)$document['time_format'],
       'decimal_point' => (string)$document['decimal_point'],
       'thousands_separator' => (string)$document['thousands_separator'],
       'language_code' => (string)$document['language_code'],
       'text_direction' => ($textDirection ? $textDirection : 'LTR')
I've changed some of the language data on my installation, but on each addon language import, they're getting overwriten again (with the original data from the language from the translator installation).

Is it really necessary to run the bulkSet if you overwrite the language?
Couldn't you drop this?:D
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Looks like this got moved to bugs. It's really just a decision to make - either way could be considered correct. You could always create a child language if you prefer.


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Yea, i reported to move this to bugs because it's really a bad situation => non userdefined data(like the language settingd) should be replaced by an addon or addon translation without an confirmation or at least a notice, so the people know that they should verify the language settings after each import....


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You could always create a child language if you prefer.
Yes, this is the current workaround, but more languages & more styles => higher chance for cache rebuild problems in the xenforo pre 1.2 era:p (not sure how's the performance with the new system in 1.2)

that's why i never prefered to have so many languages and different styles:/
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The problem with the child languages is also:
3 languages + child language => 6 available languages (7 in debugmode)
and here's the biggest problem, that the admin can't define which language is selectable for users and which not (like with styles)