MG 1.1 Language issue

I have installed Media today on our XenForo instance.
Perhaps the followed order was not correct, because the language of Media is still in English, although I have installed another language on XenForo.
How can I fix this?

The followed installation order was:
1) XenForo
2) Language pack
3) Media

Also: although the language @ XenForo is Dutch as default, all users still have their settings @ English. They have to change that manually via their personal preferences.
Can I 'force' the default?
Never mind... I will go out and bang my head against a landpost...
Thougth I saw that Media was supported in the chosen language pack. That is the case... in a seperate XML-file.
A typical RTFM case. :notworthy:
Sorry for wasting your time :whistle: