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I apologize if this is the wrong place for this question but does Xenforo like Wordpress have a place or an addon where you can add keywords to your forum so when you add your Adsense code to your forum it results in very specific, targeted adds on your forum? Just seems weird to see ads about something totally unrelated to the sites topic and content. Thanks !


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Google will try to display ads based on the user's browsing history / surfing habits - which results in ads that are (often) completely unrelated to your site. This tends to result in a higher click-through rate because the ad is more related to what the visitor may be currently interested in (or looking for - in terms of products).

You can turn this behaviour off within your Adsense account but I'd advise against it, since my own experiments showed a drop in revenue each time I did this:

Login to Adsense, go to Allow & block ads (top navigation) and then select the tab Ad serving. Click the slider for Interest-based ads to turn the feature off.

See how it goes and how your revenues are affected and if you find it is having a negative impact, turn it back on again.

Note: Even with this feature turned off Google still won't necessarily stop showing ads that are unrelated to your site, but the specificity does increase so there will be more on-target ads in terms of your site content / focus.

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Ok, guess I should have thought of this before hand but I went into my adsense account and found a responsive add to one of my wordpress sites with the exact same niche and put that code into my Xenfero sidebar templet and bingo, perfect. Just the add I was searching for is now in my xenforo sidebar forum. I assume this is okay cause it said I could insert the code into any website. Guess I will find out lol