Not a bug Adsense gone in Firefox, new cookie style issue?

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Adsense showing in page source, but no ads showing in Firefox.
Ads are showing in Chrome and Edge.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to your Adsense, create the adsense code again by clicking the ad styling etc. you want to show, it's just a few clicks. Then save.
Or just use the same settings and save.
Then use the <> to get the source code and copy that again to your forums home -> advertising and save.

Now ads will be gone for some time which is normal on changes.
However.... they will come back on Chrome and Edge, but not on Firefox.

Additional find:
Enable the GPDR and on the advertising -> site (in Adsense) enable the cookie consent tool from Google.
This should show a popup on the adds.
However, starting now, there is a new part below the forums where you can change your consent. If you open it and accept all, then suddenly the advertising is shown.
As soon as you choose the other option "save my options" all advertising is gone again. Which makes me thing this has something to do with the new cookie handling.

Also in this situation, seems Chrome and Edge don't have issues with that.

Which is why I thing is is a bug related to protected content c.q. new cookie system.

My cookie system settings are (and have always been) set to "simple". I don't use the advanced setting.

Not 100% sure this is a bug, if not, please move to troubleshooting section.
Well... now I can confirm it's a bug. Another forum (not from me) using Adsense also lost their advertising now since the new cookie stuff.
I did NOT change the cookie settings.
I didn't change any cookie settings either, but I wrote the steps to reproduce without changing any cookie settings.

The other forum I've seen it on is from a friend and he did change the cookie settings and same problem.
My forums
a friends forum

As you can test and see, ads will only be presented when all cookies are accepted.
Now check the same site with Chrome and Edge and see the difference.
Thank you very much for testing.

Even in safe modus I didn't see ads. I took my laptop from the attic and that shows ads too, so it must be my browser.

Not a bug.
Can be moved/closed.
For anybody running into this issue in the future, it's not a browser issue but it IS indeed a cookie issue and it's reproducable.
However it's not a Xenforo issue but an Adsense issue.

If you enable the GPDR system in Google Adsense, then ads won't be displayed unless all cookies are accepted (consent to all). No ads when you choose to deny or use the options to choose them.

Now to get the ads back, you can disable the GPDR cookies in Adsense again, however, if you do, then ads still will be hidden until you clear the websites cookies in the browser.

Which was the reason the issue was not occuring in Chrome and Edge before, because I didn't use those when I was testing the GPDR consent cookies from Adsense.
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