XF 1.5 Just a couple questions

So previously I was a very active member around here. Shared some themes that I created etc but have had surgery which forced my sites (and all of my premium licenses) to lapse (heart broken after the money spent on them).

I am attempting to make a comeback, just something small and to build on. But the issue is with the surgery and the pain killers and all other tablets I am on I am suffering from some major memory loss and so just need your help for anyone who is able to provide a spare few minutes.

1) I am attempting to change the word username to Member ID - I thought this was a phrase but when I enter Phrase into the search bar it comes up with like 80 different phrases. If I wanted to edit this on the site do I need to alter all of them or is there just one central one I can alter and it does all of them?

2) On the late nights that I am up and have nothing to do I thought I may try my hand once again at some theme alterations. I was just wondering what the best way to create a new theme is? This will include some images, and property changes but don't want those who may potentially use these in the future to be forced to download big massive packs that mainly consist of default icons etc.

Basically I remember to start a new child style - but after that where should I upload the image changes and how is the best way to export the template/ css edits?

Any help you can provide me to get back in the game is greatly appreciated. And do apologize that these are very basic questions this is what I am forced to resort to.


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For 1, yes you'll have to change every phrase that includes the word "username" which will be a lot.

2, I'm not too sure but I think once you create a child style you can specify a different image path which you can create a folder for and then upload your altered images there.