A couple of questions


I have a couple more questions before I decide if I want to buy this software.

1. I saw that XenForo supports the article like posts with previews (see image bellow). My question is am I able to get that same structure and put it on the homepage (example, user goes to example.com and when the site loads that's the first thing he sees)

2. How secure is it / is it updated frequently
3. If I do buy it, what's the style / extension market like. (How many choices are there / which are the best)

Also feel free to point out some other things I should keep in mind.

Best regards.
I just selected XF 2 Resources and filtered for free ones. More than half of the resources are free. I then checked for free XF 2 Add-ons, although less than half are free, there were still 37 pages of free add-ons listed. That's not too shabby, :)
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