Judgment Day


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We had Maggie put down today... about two hours ago. She was doing just fine, given her condition, of course (she was still having grand mals, but nothing we couldn't deal with), but about four-five days ago, something happened. She could hardly stand and when she did, she walked in circles. We thought it was her nails, which we had failed to get earlier because we've been so focused on the tumor, and had them clipped yesterday, hoping it'd help. We wanted to give her a week to see if it would (to give her feet time to heal, as I'm sure walking on her long nails had made her feet sore on top whatever else was going on), but she was also having problems breathing (we think)--she'd pant (which the Prednisone can cause, and she had been doing that all along, so that in itself wasn't concerning) and then act like a fish gulping for air.

My mom thinks she had a stroke, though I'm not sure. I would think a stroke would have killed her. While we know the tumor was growing and she was never going to get better (we were only making however much time she had left comfortable after we started "treating" for the right thing), I don't think it's possible that it can change that drastically from one day to the next.

Here's a photo that was taken on August 26, 2014:

Maggie (8).png

And here's the log:

Seizure Log Totals.PNG

Compared to before we started "treating" her right on May 23, 2015, in terms of number of monthly seizures, she was doing a lot better. Although even before then, with the exception of April 2015 because I was in college, which was unconsciously upsetting her, she had more days without seizures each month than with.

Rest in peace.