Joomla Integration + vBulletin Conversion

I currently co-run a movie review site that utilizes both vBulletin 4.2.3 and Joomla 3.4 Basically, the news and forum portion of the site runs on vBulletin while the movie listings, reviews/ratings, and comments run on Joomla (utilizing the mod JReviews). Migrating away from Joomla isn't an option but we would like to move away from vBulletin, so here are a few questions that will help us in deciding how best to proceed.

1. If we elect not to subscribe to support/updates are we required to stop using Xenforo when our subscription is up, or can we continue to use it up to the version we have prior to expiration?

2. I see there is a bridge available for Joomla and Xenforo? I haven't been able to find anything online except a thread in this forum expressing interest.

3. Is there a way to integrate Xenforo into a Joomla page through some sort of frameless (iframe?) option?

3. We have over 800+ reviews on the Joomla side that have direct links to the vBulletin forum so people can discuss further. One of the things I'd hate to do is manually update all the links. I found this Xenforo add-on that looks like it might save us the hassle. Am I correct that if we follow this add-on that when people click on the old link in Joomla it will redirect them to the proper thread/post on Xenforo?

Those are our main three questions. To anyone who responds I really appreciate it.

Tracy Perry

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#1 - You can use whatever version was valid up to the time your license expired. Upon expiry of your license, you lose the ability to submit tickets (but NOT to post for help in the forum) and the ability to download the latest/greatest code. You can continue to use up to the highest version that was valid at the time your license expired without any additional cost (unless your license gets revoked)

#2 - I am not personally aware of any reliable bridges between the two. I know there were requests and I think even a thread where someone was contemplating doing one but I don't think it went anywhere.

#3 - You can use it in an iframe if you enable certain config.php options that prevent it (from my understanding). I don't know how "friendly" it would be though. I'll let some more knowledgeable folks speak to that.

#4 - For vBulletin, you should be able to do redirects so that the existing vBulletin links would redirect to the corresponding XenForo location via either .htaccess (if using Apache/LiteSpeed) or via nginx rewrites (if using nginx) for your HTTP server.