Jake Bunce appreciation


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Everybody said what I would have said...so I'll just say I more than appreciate all the times Jake has been able to answer my odd, ignorant, and/or just plain stupid questions. :p He's a great asset to this community indeed. :)


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Even though I personally have not dealt with Jake in the past, he has stepped up to help me out with a few issues I'm having on the arcade mod I'm working on. In turn he seems very confident with knowledge and I'm 200% sure he will help me fix my problem and understand what went wrong.

+1 Like for Jake Bunce, the Answer Man


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If this thread popped up 6 months ago I would have said something like "pffffffft" I regarded alot of ex-vbers as all the same, self serving, selfish etc. I can see I was wrong in that assumption and for anyone to go out of their way to help another person in need and consistently goes out of their way to help get's a big thumbsup in my books.

In many threads I can honestly say i've seen Jake post potential solutions to users problems and come back to help them even further. Add in the fact that he's posting some great Tips & tricks I can honestly say he's a big asset to xenforo and to the community which leaves me a burning question..... Why haven't you helped me yet? I'm still fighting to get a sidebar toggle function into the core and I just know Jake might be able to help me with this little problem.

Like i said, as others have stated, a valuable member here and a great help to those needing issues fixed.