Jake Bunce appreciation

I've got the feeling that he's just a clone of Brogan, but enhanced with special SQL capabilities. :p

LOL that made me chuckle.

No but seriously..i posted it earlier and I will reference it here in this thread....


However....the issue did get solved....with the awesomeness I might add.

and for those unaware...

it is not a rumor....

Issue solved: Thank you JAKE!!!!

Thread can be closed :)

I never knew Jake from that other place, I thought he was born, fully formed in the same Uber high tech AI lab that the Broganator comes from.

Thank you Jake for all your great work, and for you interesting off topic posts, I always enjoy reading them :)
*Takes a bow* Forgive me for a sec while I bow in respect for Jake. :D

Nice, and patient guy. Traits of a helpful person.
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