Migration Experience - vBulletin 4.0.6 to XenForo


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Congratulations, Ibn e Sayeed. I know you guys have been waiting a long time for this moment. (y)
Thanks a lot.

Yes! But, the community response paid the dues of the pain of waiting so long and migration difficulties. :)

I am not sure, if I can mange some time to write our experience here, due to examination weeks as semester is reaching an end here. But, someone else from our board will probably write that here hopefully after finishing the post migration processing. :)


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I like Xenforo so much so that I would rather eat one of my own arms or legs than go back to the likes of vBulletin or phpBB! I mean, one thing I did like about vBulletin was it's default emoticons, but at least I can plant them into my installation of XenForo and use them in place of the default 3D ones. :)


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There is no direct import path for VB5.

You will have to do a double import, e.g. VB5 -> IPS -> XF, or use a custom solution.

You will also need to install an Arabic language pack, if one exists, otherwise translate the phrases yourself.