XF 1.4 Issues with uploading avatar


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i'm having issues with uploading avatars. When i select a new image to replace the current avatar, nothing happens and it says upload completed successfully. Using xenforo 1.4.6 latest version.

I don't understand what could be the reason, please help me it's really annoying. Thanks


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That would suggest your directories do not have the correct permissions.

Ensure /data and /internal_data are chmod -r 0777.


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Including recursively? Note that changing that won't fix the problem retroactively.

Pulling a random example from your forum: http://imspot.org/data/avatars/l/3/3326.jpg?1430472187 It's returning a 404 and this is almost always down to permissions being set incorrectly (generally from a server move or some other configuration change; the permissions wouldn't change unexpectedly otherwise).


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Can you show a screenshot of the permissions on the avatar/l/3/ directory? Can you reproduce the problem with a newly uploaded avatar? (You may need to upload an avatar for someone already affected.)