XF 1.5 Issues With gifs Linked and Uploaded


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For some reason I am having a small issue getting animated gifs to work in posts. It seems to not like uploaded gifs or linked. I have Imagemagick 6.7.8-9 on the server and selected it as the setting for attachments. Everything is up to date and on 5.10 and all plugins are up to date. I am unsure if I missed a setting or not. Does the server need a reboot? I know it doesn't make previously uploaded or linked items work so I am doing it after the install.

I have the proxy links and proxy image turned on but set cache length to 0. I am running on https too. Is there anything else I may have missed?

  • Proxy Image and Link checked
  • Image Cache Lifetime & Refresh set to 0
  • Image cache max sixe: 10120
  • Log image and link proxy referrers for X days: check and set to 0
  • Image and Link Proxy Log Length: 90
Note: Uploaded gifs work. It's only the linked ones that don't. Image proxy maybe?

Edit #2: Turned off proxies and all works fine. So the question is now, do I need to use the proxy?
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How big is the image file?

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Messages -> Image Cache Max Size (Kilobytes)

Exceeding this limit will trigger a placeholder image.

The image proxy is mainly for https sites in order to avoid mixed content errors in the browser. If you don't use https then you don't need it.
I keep it to 3MB in size, luckily it was just the proxy holding me back. My site is https so I need to figure out if I need it or not so I can avoid mixed content.
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