Fixed Issue with user upgrade not being processed


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Hi there,

we have updated to version 2.0.10 last weekend.

Today the first member made an user upgrade .... and there seems to be a problem since the last upgrade/changes in xenforo.

The payment via paypal worked (money received)
The user upgrade is shown in the "payment provider log"

The details within (sometimes XXX or else for privacy):

array(33) {
  ["mc_gross"] => string(5) "xx.00"
  ["protection_eligibility"] => string(10) "Ineligible"
  ["payer_id"] => string(13) "6HUX3PTCB2S6L"
  ["payment_date"] => string(25) "02:45:13 Oct 03, 2018 PDT"
  ["payment_status"] => string(9) "Completed"
  ["charset"] => string(12) "windows-1252"
  ["first_name"] => string(6) "xy"
  ["mc_fee"] => string(4) "2.32"
  ["notify_version"] => string(3) "3.9"
  ["custom"] => string(32) "XXXXXX3wVNqoLAgSekxGIFNBi0mi"
  ["payer_status"] => string(8) "verified"
  ["business"] => string(24) ""
  ["quantity"] => string(1) "1"
  ["verify_sign"] => string(56) "XXXXXXXyX91fKD2L0pCvqPp70Z5aAfZ4wljQGpbnHAca17vwKTK5JT8c"
  ["payer_email"] => string(24) ""
  ["txn_id"] => string(17) "XXXXX384D3711720P"
  ["payment_type"] => string(7) "instant"
  ["last_name"] => string(10) "xy"
  ["receiver_email"] => string(24) ""
  ["payment_fee"] => string(0) ""
  ["shipping_discount"] => string(4) "0.00"
  ["receiver_id"] => string(13) "XXXXX4L3JV5BA"
  ["insurance_amount"] => string(4) "0.00"
  ["txn_type"] => string(10) "web_accept"
  ["item_name"] => string(58) "Konto-Upgrade: VIP-Mitgliedschaft (xy)"
  ["discount"] => string(4) "0.00"
  ["mc_currency"] => string(3) "EUR"
  ["item_number"] => string(0) ""
  ["residence_country"] => string(2) "DE"
  ["shipping_method"] => string(7) "Default"
  ["transaction_subject"] => string(0) ""
  ["payment_gross"] => string(0) ""
  ["ipn_track_id"] => string(13) "XXXXX59e5a044"

Looks okay so far....

But it does not appear in "Active User Upgrades" and no changes are made to the profile/member (not added to the special user group)

Anyone else having this problem?

Maybe its also caused by one of the addons... I don´t know :(


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What's the actual message that goes along with the data you provided? Is it indicating that payment was received and the user was upgraded?


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Like I have written above: thats from the "payment provider log"

I don´t know what its indicating.. I have compared it with previous logs and for me it seems okay.

And indeed the payment was received via paypal... but the upgrade did not happen and it was not listed on the "user upgrades" page in ACP. Only in the log.

Unfortunately this is a thing that can´t be tested because of the paypal payment and I have to wait until one of the members upgrades the account.


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Like I have written above: thats from the "payment provider log"
Right, but there's other info that we display with the log entry -- that appears to just be the "log details" section. The most notable entry is the "action" line which would indicate what action the system decided to take. What does that say?

If it's an explicit error, then that would need to be resolved; if it says "information" then this isn't an actionable request. If it indicates that it was a payment and the user was "upgraded/extended", then the issue would seem to be in the process of applying the upgrade itself.


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Right, at this point, if possible, it would be ideal for you to submit a ticket from your customer area with ACP access details so we can have a look. (You can ask for it to be assigned to me.)

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Thank you for reporting this issue. The issue is now resolved and we are aiming to include that in the next XF release (2.0.11).

Change log:
User upgrades should not check canPurchase() before processing a payment that has been received, as this method is really only for limiting the UI/purchase setup.