Fixed Issue with title conversion and email address in url path


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Posting a link that contains email address in the path will incorrectly add EMAIL bbcodes to the url.

I created a path to demonstrate the issue.
Post the following url
The result is
<a href="[email][/email]" target="_blank" class="externalLink ProxyLink" data-proxy-href="proxy.php?;hash=5f8b4eeb31273e411ecad3c40d7deb17" rel="nofollow">rellect</a>
And if you wonder why someone would post such a link, it sometimes used for search

Chris D

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It might be something we can workaround anyway, we'd have to have a look. But I believe it should be escaped. Problem is, browsers may display it unencoded and therefore users may copy paste it unencoded hence exasperating the problem.


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I've tightened up the auto detection of emails to try to eliminate this. Essentially, an email will only be detected if there's a space or a form of quote before it. This eliminates ambiguity (for example, could actually be a URI rather than an email) and generally shouldn't prevent autolinking when expected (when typed with "normal" spacing).