XF 1.5 Issue with proxied images and photobucket


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This may be an issue with photobucket, but I want to be sure because someone reported the same thing with tinypic as well.

Here is an example of an affected thread:

The image URL is formatted correctly, ending in jpg:

However when you paste the URL into a browser, it adds html and loads a page. I think this is causing it not to be processed through the image proxy.

Is there anything we can do about this?

Edit: This is the error when I test the proxy link:

http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv73/kirschegarten/DOA%20show%20photos/DSC_3931a_zpsyo1nsnv7.jpg could not be fetched or is not a valid image. The specific error message was: Unable to Connect to tcp://i671.photobucket.com:80. Error #0: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution
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@Optic Thanks. For some reason, whatever link they usually use to post is no longer working and we're getting questions about it. I'll tell them to use the direct download link.
@Optic Sorry to bother you again, but where does one find the download link?

The direct link doesn't work:

It's also broken on tinypic... is there anything that could have changed overnight to break the way users have been including photobucket/tinypic images all year? It seems odd if they both changed their structure at the same time.
This is definitely an issue with Photobucket and TinyPic, their so called "direct" and bbCode IMG "SHARE THIS PHOTO" box links are a lie! They both lead to web page wrapper links instead of direct images as you mentioned.


I had to use the "Download" link:

But the problem is the Download link is a parsed using Javascript so you can't copy and paste easily. I was able to get the previous download link from my mobile but now that I'm on my laptop I see it's not easy to parse. Of course it's going to be a big pain (let alone your users) to reparse the direct URL. This is something Photobucket really needs to fix on their end, their direct links are not "direct' anymore and broken.

As for the timing, well TinyPic appears to be a "Photobucket" company according to their footer so they're probably using the same system on their end.
Thanks so much for your help! Unfortunately it's really bad news for us. Photobucket is very popular and we have hundreds if not thousands of broken photos all over the forum now. :cry:
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