XF 1.5 Issue with navigation drop down.

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So when i am on a certain page of my forum and try to hover over the navigation bar to get to some links for that category, the drop down menu doesn't work. So i have to go to another page to get the drop down menu to work.
as i hover over the forum link you don't see the drop menu while i'm on the page.

Now that i am on the Profile page i can see the links in the drop down menu

Any help would be appreciated, with me having the drop down menu open no matter what page i am on.
that small is in compliance with the license terms?

The size is the matter of a style.

The license term stated :

All copies of the Software must contain the same proprietary notices that appear on and in the Software, including all copyright notices embedded in the Software, which must remain unaltered from the original and visible at all times

In my sight it is unaltered, same text, same link and visible always.
If i can not change the size i am also not allowed to change color of it to fit my style.
If i can not change the size i am also not allowed to change color of it to fit my style.
Pretty sure when you make it the same color as the background that has been deemed to be in violation.
As for always "visible"... only if you have an electron microscope. :p
The text I questioned is readily apparent not designed to "fit a style" but to minimize the impact of having it visible.
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The rest is a question of definition and should be judged by xenforo.
And that's why I didn't say he WAS in violation of it.. just asked if he felt he may be out of compliance.
Apparently he may have understood the concern also...
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If I was concerned with getting him "into trouble" I would have either tagged one of staff or sent a convo/email to them.
In my opinion a conversation might than be a better way instead of going public.

But as I wrote, just my opinion.
On my website I made a simple design error with the text at the bottom of the page. Their was several links that were in small font, including links that i actually need. Such as the Terms and Rules etc...
This is something that is easily fixable.
As it states on the splash page of my website, the site is 70% done to warn visitors that you may see errors etc.
I even come to xenforo.com to ask for help with issues i may be having on the site to fix problems. As you can see at the start of this thread. So indeed i do agree with you on the part of a Dm of some sort to be sent to me letting me know of an issue my site may have. This is actually beneficial to helping me correct errors etc. on my site. So thank you for seeing and noticing that point.
I actually was contacted by the xenforo staff about this error on my site, and after it being brought to my attention i happily fixed it cause i did not notice the error myself.

Side not information:
I was banned from certain xenforo privilages before anybody even spoke to me about the design error,
but this is xenforo's policy as stated by the staff.
One i clearly do not agree with!
Now, back to the topic at hand.. was it a template issue (a modification) by chance?
So i looked into the navigation issue, and i realize, this is just how the xenforo software works. When you are on the page of the Navigation link the drop down menu does not show for that link if you hover the mouse over it. I am assuming thats why you have the .forumsTabLinks So i answered my own question, but thank you for expressing interest with helping me fix the problem.
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