Is acting slow today, for you?


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I am still having problems, some pages are taking ages to load. :(
The rest of the internet* seems OK. :confused:
* by this I mean half a dozen other sites & forums.


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No, but I'm with Be and I've got the same problems.
Only with though.
Oh cool, must be a Be/o2 problem.

Oddly enough I had a similar problem some weeks ago trying to use another forum site and the only other people having a problem were also Be/o2 customers and that was the only site any of us were having problems with.

Very strange.


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It remains almost dead to me, I hope the problem is resolved come the morning, otherwise I can see mysef spending ages on the phone to o2. :(


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It's painful.
I've all but given up on the site today.

I would raise a ticket with Be but experience tells me I'll get a useless response which has absolutely nothing to do with the problem.


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I've had an issue with a few sites earlier today (I'm also with Be), but they were mostly google related sites or sites loading google analytics as it was happening on my own forum