Is "trust based" moderation available?


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Before I buy xenforo I have a question that I require for my community.

I want to run a Trust based community that is self moderating, where, for example, the 5 top posters that have gained the most "likes", Respect or Trust points by the other members automatically become the moderators of certain forum topics. Would this be possible? Are there any available plugins that do this?

Thank you.


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You can set up promotions so when a user hits a certain level for whatever you have selected (Such as so many likes) they can be moved to or added to a new usergroup. Not sure if you can do it per forum however, as in giving them just moderator functions for one forum automatically.


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Thank you for your responses!

Another question: is it also possible to lose "likes" or "trust" and in doing so drop out of that particular promoted group of moderators? I'm interested in replicating the trust system that Discourse has.


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Likes can be removed.
If the member no longer meets the crtieria for the promotion, they will be demoted.