"Moderation Actions" phrase should only be available for Staff


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While technically correct, I believe that the word "Moderation" should be reserved for things that only Staff can do. Thus my suggestion is to change the phrase to "Available Actions" because those actions are available for everyone, not only Staff.

Currently as it is it might cause confusion on newbies who might think that their account got some special privileges...
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Except moderation in general isn't strictly for staff.

For example, when you edit a thread title of yours here, you are moderating your thread.


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That's why I said "technically correct". Regarding your example, to me it is as follows:

Members: manage their own threads.
Staff: moderate threads.


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Moderation is still moderation no matter who does it.

I suspect this would require quite a bit of programming for such a minor change (there's those who can moderate threads in a forum as they have the permissions but are specifically not moderators in the ACP to consider too). It's not worth the effort for something that is correct anyway.

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I suspect this would require quite a bit of programming for such a minor change
It's actually quite a small change if you only take care of the Conversations case. All the other cases are probably correct, even if it isn't full blown moderators that complete them. They are still performing moderation actions. While that is true of Conversations too, I think describing it as such when really it's about managing your own conversations and generally speaking it's a normal user doing so, seems wrong.

The small change I would propose is:
Template inline_mod_controls:

<optgroup label="{xen:phrase moderation_actions}">
<optgroup label="{xen:if $actionsPhrase, $actionsPhrase, '{xen:phrase moderation_actions}'}">

Template inline_mod_controls_conversation:

<xen:set var="$actionsPhrase">Conversation Actions</xen:set>
(Where Conversation Actions would be a new phrase)

That would leave everything the same except the conversations inline moderation. While also giving the added benefit of allowing developers to customise that phrase too. I actually use Inline Moderation in Xen Media Gallery for users to manage their own media. I would modify that phrase to be "Media Actions" or "Album Actions" depending on the type of content being managed.

I'm going to be one of "those" people. What do you think @Mike?