Add-on Is this Add-On safe?

The Addon is for a MOTM voting system. It allows you to score individual player performances following a match.
The Addon takes the match scoring system from the content site and displays it via a BbCode just like the Twitter posts. So you can actually vote within the forum.
It also lets you 1 click join by taking your member Email and auto generating a password and remembering that for your forum account for future voting.
So... Would this be intrusive and possibly 'steal' member info or is that all secure information?
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Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Judging by the small amount of code we can see it certainly submits the visitor's email address to the voopl API.
Thanks, i figured that much as it automatically signs you up for the service. Just wanted to maker sure it wasnt fetching passwords or anything like that.