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Is there anything out there that can be modified to do the following (front page)?


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I make my living off the front page of my forum.
I am looking for an article system that can be modified to do the following. Does such a thing exist?

1. I would like to be able to have an index of the articles that would be positioned on the left side. If a certain item is clicked on the index only the items I have put in that particular category would be seen on the front page.
I would have to be able to assign each article with a category that shows up on the index.

2. I would like to be able to change the order on the articles fairly easily. Possibly be assigning it an article number.

3. I would like the articles to be in two columns.

Article 1 Article 2
Article 3 Article 4
Article 5 Article 6

4. I would like all the articles to be promoted from a forum thread.

5. I would want to be the only one that can promote a thread to an article.

6. Comments in an article would appear both as a comment to the article and as a post in the thread. Also all posts in the thread would appear as a comment in the article and in the thread.