XF 2.2 Is there a way to hide the "Description" in a page node but still have it be a meta description?


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I'm using a page node as a portal and I'd like to have a custom meta description without it printing the description on the page. I'm already using <xf:title></xf:title> to use the Board Title for the title and not the page node title.

When I enter a description in the description field of the page node it shows up as the meta description but also gets printed on the page. I'd like it to be hidden like I can hide the h1.
Do you by chance have it "wrapped" in any specific user group settings?
Nope. I thought it was a cache thing for a second because on desktop I had to shift reload for it to go away.

Now browsing on my phone I see it when logged in but not when logged out.

Here's what I have: (there's only one style so far)

Check ALL your templates (via advanced template search) for the string with your "node-8" listing.. you may find you have it listed in more than one place.
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