Is there an application add-on for gaming clan type sites?


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I haven't kept up with xenForo for the last year and half but I loved it when I used it for my previous community. Right now I've renewed the license to run my guild website to handle our needs. I'm redirecting people to it to send in an application which my staff manually reads and approves. The way it works is that once an application thread is approved, we have to go into the admin cp and switch their user group from registered to Guild Wars 2 or whatever so they can get access to the rest of the forum or that specific game division. Volume of applications has been high recently and I'm wondering if there's any add-on that can get rid of this manual process? Sending out an e-mail notification to the user once an app is accepted or denied would be a huge bonus. I looked around for something but I couldn't find anything. Help much appreciated. :)

Edit: I just noticed this isn't the right forum for this type of inquiry, things seem to have changed a lot since I last was around, my apologies. :(