XF 1.3 is there a Usergroup for "unconfirmed" users ?


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I am wondering if XenForo has a "Usergroup" for "unconfirmed users" (registered users who did not confirm their E-mail address) ?

In order to define of what an "unconfirmed" user is allowed to see or to do.

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I think a user group promotion would do that. After creating the usergroup, make a usergroup promotion and tick user state and select waiting email confirmation from the dropdown.

You'd then need another promotion to promote them again once they confirm


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Unconfirmed users have the same permissions like guests. You need to adapt the settings of user group 1 (unregistered/unconfirmed) to change their permissions,

Mr Lucky

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I presume the OP wants to differentiate between unregistered and unconfirmed. By default they are the same, but I imagine there could be scenario where you want to give different permissions to people who signed up but have not yet confirmed.


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the reason I am asking is this:

I would like to "hide" the "Forum-Tab" for guests (unregistered users).
Then I would like to implement a URL-redirect for the URL "domain.com/forums" which will be re-directed towards "domain.com/register" for a guest.

So a "guest" should not be able to access the Forum-URL, but when he does by entering the Forum-URL manually, he should be re-directed to the "Register-Page".

So I am wondering what happens to an "unconfirmed user" (user who did not confirm his E-mail yet) ?
Will he see the default "Forum-Notice" which says "You need to check your E-mail in order to confirm your registration" ?

Since I am using a URL-redirect, I guess this idea will not work ?

This is just an idea I am having,,, so I am wondering if such a thing will actually work properly ?
Hmmm.... need to test I guess.

I am actually speaking of this idea:

I am wondering if this idea could be realized without an Addon, but by using "User Group Permissions" ?

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Mr Lucky

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But you could do it another way:

Make it so that when unregistered click the forums tab, there is only one node available to that group, which is a link to the register page.

Or a notice with a link to the registration.
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