Is there a trick to get auto media embedding to work?


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I have been having an issue to get a youtube URL to auto embed. Everything is enabled, but I am just not sure why it is not working.

Is there a permission setting that I am missing? Would there be a template issue if I need to revert a few of my templates?

Any help would be appreciated since I am pretty stumped on this one for some reason.



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I just had the same issue using both Pop-up and Full Editor (not in HTML mode), I was going to post a report about it also here. I just solved it though I think, click "BB Code Media Sites" in your admin panel and choose to edit one like YouTube and save it again without making any changes. Video's should then show up for you without having to use HTML mode.

Previously before doing that, they wasn't showing for me either with both YouTube and DailyMotion. Yet, on my localhost WampServer install they did show right away using the exact same Beta version.