Other Is there a list of add-ons depreciated/made absolute by XF 2.0?

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I thought I say at least a partial list, but I couldn't find it after searching or browsing. It would be helpful to know so I could check it against my list of installed 1.5 add-ons.

Why I'm here, if an old 1.5 add-on has data (i.e. resource views) that wasn't in XF 1.5 by default but is added in XF 2.0, what's the best way to retain that data? Export it directly from phpmyadmin?


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My list of deprecated addons:
- Create Thread from Forum List
- Find Unanswered Threads
- Slide Out Poll by Bloodcinder
- Tab Alerts
- [PE] Message Controls Menu

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Every single pre-2.0 addon has been deprecated. They will all need to be written.

A developer may or may not choose to provide a way to automatically import data from the old addon.
Perhaps depreciated is the wrong word.

I'm wondering if there's a list of adding whos functionality was absorbed into 2.0.