Is there a kick-starter group here?


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Just joined his forum, sorry if this has been asked before. Is there a kick-starter thread or kick-starter group here?

What the group does, it helps kick start forums. Let's say I post a link to my forum, a couple of people share the link on social media, such as facebook, reddit and twitter... etc. They post they have shared the forum link. They then post a link to their forum.

In return, the guy who originally posted a link shares the other members forums on his social media.

Another member comes along, says which forums he shared. He in return gets his forum shared.

Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat....

Not all forums can be shared as there may not be an interest, but we do what we can.

Another option is we join each others forums, and make 4 or 5 quality post. then post we joined, what we did, then others join and post.