Is Kier Still With the Development of XF?

Anthony Parsons

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The obvious question is... why am I asking?

Well... I don't see innovation in XF lately. It's like you're trying to amuse the masses by adding popular add-ons. They already exist... so you aren't bringing new things to the table. The responsive admin panel is the only creative aspect in 1.5.

Kier brought innovation to XF time and again... hence my question, as it seems to be lacking the Kier flare.

I understand some XF team may be upset by this, but it doesn't make it any less true.

Chris D

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The innovation you see in XenForo is down to two developers; Kier and Mike. To suggest otherwise is just wrong.
It's like you're trying to amuse the masses by adding popular add-ons.
When planning what we were going to do with XF 1.5; you're right. We aimed to please the masses. This is why we put serious thought into which of the most popular suggestions we should implement; the suggestions that most XF owners have indicated they would like to see in XF. The fact that some of these features already have popular add-ons is not only coincidental, but also somewhat expected.

I'm sorry you have found XF 1.5 so disappointing. Thankfully based on the feedback we've seen here and elsewhere, you're somewhat in the minority. Perhaps XF 2.0 will better hit the mark for you.

Dylan V

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Be aware that when you say: "The responsive admin panel is the only creative aspect in 1.5", it's just your opinion and your thought. Look how this community comments on HYS and how it is pleased with the work done. Most news you see on XenForo, it's because it's this community that contributes to that.


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I'd have to say that I'm delighted that there even is a XenForo 1.5, I was expecting no updates until XenForo 2.0 in 2016. Seeing this latest update with a range of new features is just great and totally unexpected. Yes, some of these are from popular add-ons (and don't forget, Responsive ACP is an add-on by Reflect) but that's great too, it cuts down on add-ons for some and introduces these features to the rest of us.

Keep up the good work as always, Mike and Chris, and Kier too. (y)

Anthony Parsons

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@Brogan and @Slavik, Mike has his strengths, Chris has his, Kier has his. Kier's was the innovative aspects that really shaped Xenforo. Kier and Mike were a team and their combined strengths brought about XF. Take one away... that combination is gone. If I was insulting anyone, I would just say it straight.

There is no easy way to ask these things... yet my primary question also wasn't answered, and instead defensive ploys used by all but Chris. Thank you @Chris for being candid.

So... is Kier still with the development of XF?

You can focus on defensive ploys if you wish, but I would really just appreciate a truthful answer. Yes or no.

Yes, Kier is still actively developing XF or No, Kier is no longer developing XF.


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Like Martok I am also delighted that there is a 1.5 and was similarly not expecting any major new development until v2.0 is released many months down the track.

I have just launched a new business and website (using a heavily modified XenForo) to take over from one of my clients who decided to archive their old but very busy and hugely respected vBulletin-based site rather than pay me to convert it and continue operating it.

The feedback I'm getting from users migrating across is that they are delighted by the new site, its functionality, speed, mobile friendliness, and the whole community is buzzing and completely reinvigorated.

The old site peaked in May with its busiest month ever and just over 14,000 posts - while we've just done 10,000 posts in 13 days since launch on the new site, there is so much excitement about it.

So, I just wanted to say thanks to the entire XenForo team for producing a fantastic product - I appreciate your efforts, I'm delighted by what I see coming in v1.5 and I'm looking forward to the innovation I expect in v2.0.


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The thread tagging and the the welcome alerts are nice (even if they were already provided by addons as you said). Let's hope the development of the 1.x branch keeps rolling (especially the replacement of the flash upload).
@Anthony Parsons did you have thing in mind in terms of new features or did you wait to be surprised with new ideas?

What is true though is that when XenForo was released a few years ago, the total amount of code provided was just crazy. May be Kier & Mike started the development some time before which could explained why they had problems with IB. But to be honest, since the development started back after the trial, it has been regular and good (even if Kier is certainly not as publicly present as at the beginning). So just give them time.


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I'm sure Mike has been around long enough to take stuff like this with a pinch of salt as we certainly don't know how things are discussed internally.

There's probably very little financial benefit for XenForo to release 1.5 so I'm pleased they are continuing to add new features while developing a new version or they could have probably released nothing for another 6 months. At least they are keeping things ticking along.

Daniel Hood

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I get the question being asked but the attitude and logic used to get there is rather rude. I get the concept that kier hasn't been active on here, this is the first time off the top of my head that he didn't do a HYS, etc.. Personally though I take that as him just being busy working on 2.0. Also, he has no reason to do HYS now that there's another dev. As far as innovative, using your means of deciding it, nothing on XenForo is or was innovative. This wasn't the first system to have threads or nodes or posts, this isn't the first site with alerts, etc.. Every new version has implemented a couple features that existed as add ons or in other platforms, they just do it in their own great way. That's how 99% of things work and there isn't anything wrong with that. I'm not saying this as negative things but it should be obvious by the lack of patents in the forum space, that nobody is really inventing new things. The idea is to implement the best combination in the best way. XenForo clearly isn't slowing down, they handle bugs promptly and 1.5 is the most impressive update since 1.2 (when they had a long time between releases so lots of time for development), strictly an opinion obviously.

That said, I do understand the questions about Kier being (apparently) inactive. However, visiting very frequently, it comes across as just the way the development responsibilities have been split up.

Daniel Hood

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Well, @Kier's the only one who makes awesome videos for HYS, unless @Mike or @Chris D want to pick up that role. :D However, I cannot complain and do agree. If he's busy behind the scenes, then that's also awesome.
Meh, I was typing on my iPad and didn't re-read before posting.. that didn't come out exactly the way I was thinking it but I just read my post again and I think the point is clear.


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Mike, Chris D and Kier all play what i would call "an equally important role" in development of XF. All 3 in which are professionals and im guessing could care less if 1 or 100 members think that one is more important than the other. They all do a great job and we have a great forum software to show for it. The OP in this thread could have been as simple as "Does Kier still Dev XF?" rather than giving examples of why he is believed not to be. I myself like the changes and believe this software is only going to get better.