Is jQuery dying?


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jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that has been around for more than a decade. It simplifies tasks like DOM manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax with an easy-to-use API that works across different browsers. However, in recent years, jQuery has faced some challenges from modern libraries and frameworks, such as React, Angular, Vue or even vanilla js. These tools offer more features and performance benefits than jQuery, and they also rely on native browser APIs that have become more standardized and consistent over time. As a result, many developers have moved on from jQuery and some websites have dropped support for it.

XenForo use of jQuery shows that it is still a viable option for web development in 2023. While it may not be as trendy or powerful as some other tools, it still offers simplicity, compatibility, and flexibility that can suit different needs and preferences. What are your opinions on XenForo choice to stick with jQuery as its main JavaScript library?

So, what do you think? Is jQuery dying or not? Share your thoughts below
In my opinion, it's dying and I'm glad it is. Vanilla javascript has blossomed in the last decade (not even counting typescript or frameworks/libraries built with it) with its own easy to use API and updates (async/await, arrow functions, and more).
I would actually be happy if XenForo dropped jQuery for vanilla JS as I dislike working with jQuery.
All the time core WordPress ships with it (and thus the behemoth that is the WP plugin ecosystem), it's not going anywhere.
Yup, which they won’t (not can’t) address precisely because they don’t want to break compatibility with those plugins.
Yup, which they won’t (not can’t) address precisely because they don’t want to break compatibility with those plugins.
That does not mean jQuery usage is not dying.

Newer platforms are not using jQuery, and the trend of throwing jQuery on everything has dwindled as other options have matured. The likelihood of jQuery fully dying is unlikely, as you still have people using even MooTools 🙃.
jQuery isn't dying so much as it's not as needed as it once was (as in it's not being replaced by anything better beyond browsers that support more stuff out of the box). As others have said, browsers have matured and are (slowly) catching up. So depending on what you are building, jQuery might not be needed (nor anything else comparable).
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