is it possible to switch from WordPress to XF ?


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I have a question please:

is it possible to switch from a simple WordPress website with about 100 Blog-posts and about 1000 comments towards a XF-installation ?

there are registered members at this Blog who have registered themselves to leave "comments" at that Blog.
Is it possible to use the "comments" of those users and transfer those Blog-posts and user-comments towards a XF-forum? So that the users who made comments at the WP-Blog will be transformed into Forum-members and that their content will show up as Forum-posts (rather than Blog-comments) ?

I would like to switch from a single stand-alone WP-Blog towards a XF-forum, but not loose the Blog-posts and associated Blog-comments.

Appreciate your help!


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Many thanks Jake!

So you are saying it is possible to transform Blog-posts and its associated comments into a Forum-thread ?

I will let you know when we are at it. :)