Is it possible to change the location of the forums?


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Okay, I am trying to put a news portal addon together and so far its working great and I'm pretty much ready to release the beta version. However, there is one thing I want to know how to do... Lets say I have my forums at Going to that URL will take me to the forum home listing. I would like to change it so that going to that URL will instead take me to my news portal addon page instead.

On VB3, it was as simple as renaming index.php to forums.php, then uploading my own index.php, and then finally changing a single setting in the admin control panel to forums.php. Unfortunately, I don't see an option for something like this right now. Is it possible in the current state?

This is what I am trying to make my homepage:


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Not sure as that would probably mess up the URL rewrite. You could run the whole thing in a /forum/ directory, then use mod_rewrite to have / redirect to /forum/portal/

Bit of a quick & dirty fix tho!