XF 2.2 is it possible to change general permissions within a node permisson settings?


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currently it s only 1 general perm available

i need it to create topics and comments through the api from guest user.

In my guest group settings i have moderation for new posts and topics, so all guest posts via api will also get moderation, which is undesirable. so i created a separate node, but it turned out that i can not change the anti-spam settings for the node - only for the entire user group.

can someone tell me if it is possible to extend the list of general permissions in a node ?
I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but moderation can be applied per node in the node settings.

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these settings are disabled
moderation ( spam check) is enabled by default for guests usergroup
i dont want to turn off moderation on whole forum - only in a certain node to post as guests with api
i cant turn off antispam check within a node as it general permission that not a available in permission settings ( and node settings u mentioned do not help here )
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