Is it me or the scent of XF 1.2 is in the air?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Seems like work has begun toward the next release. If not tomorrow, we may hear some news today.

From what I can gather from Mike's posts, it sounds like the Resource Manager here is getting some bugs fixed today :)


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I read Mike's post and he said he's pushing out an update 'shortly' ;) ;) . I think 1.2 is unlikely because it's got mobile style (likely to take time)! I'm expecting a smaller update to fix all the reported bugs.

PS: I like the speed with which Mike's fixing stuff.


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Ideally, a bug fix pack makes more sense right now.

If they were going to release a major rev such as a 1.x series, we would have seen some teasers or 'Have you seen' threads.

Resource Manager is a separate product, which can be released when they deem it ready.