Is Elastic Search worth installing for new forum?


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Just curious if this is something we really need or would benefit from in our new forum.



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It's sort of up to you, but XF Enhanced Search can provide better results through relevancy ordering, stemming, fewer stop words and no minimum word length limit. It's certainly something you could add at some later point if you think the built-in search isn't up to scratch.


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I only use Elastic Search on my big board but not on other sites. as the ES integration does not allow you to use the stock Elastic Search functionality, nor does it offer any additional functionality. Asides from performance and somewhat better search results, its pretty bare bones.

I hope that in the future the Enhanced Search addon will be more fleshed out so that it would offer compelling features to use it on all my sites.


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We have minimum word length set to 3 on the server now to help with "rew", "sub" and shorter AV terms.

When I was researching it... it seems like there were a lot of issues with ES.

I think we may leave it as is for now and perhaps consider it later on when we get larger and can see where it might benefit us more.