XF 2.2 IPS4 Importer Attachment error


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Hi community,
I am having an issue with the Importer converting my IPS4.x community to Xenforo 2. The issue is attachment section of the import gets to around 406 files (Based on the renumbering in the /internal_data/attachments/0 folder) then fails. I can not figure out why or what file is the cause, since the importer is also changing the unique file ID of the attachments and adding .data. I confirmed this as the files it did transfer before the error do not match the files name or unique id from IPS4.x. The error I get both in web browser and CLI Import is: Unable to copy file "IPS Folder name/uploads" to internal_data://attachments/0/408-"UniqueID".data

I have tried multiple things and still can not figure out why it is missing the database used is only 2 days old and i have FTP file transferred everything to my local test server. We want to move our community from IPS which has really went down hill and removed a ton of features that it breaks our community every time it updates.

Any help, ideas, or commands I could use to force it to skip the files that cause this would be appreciated. We rather lose a few attachments and have to manually add them back then have to add every attachment by hand.
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