Fixed IPS 4.2 Importer error

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Jake B.

Well-known member
When trying to import from IPS 4.2 I get the following error as soon as the user group importer starts, I assume there are probably other issues that come up as well after that, but that's as far as I was able to get

Undefined index: g_post_new_topics

@Chris D let me know if you need access to the IPS database and I'll try to work that out :)

Also, $INFO['auth_group'] and banned_group don't seem to exist in the conf_global.php for 4.2

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Thanks Jake

Yes, access to the database will be useful, thanks.

I don't have an ETA for any possible fixes, however. The error suggests that the g_post_new_topics permission no longer exists, which is the group permission to post new topics. Can you ascertain if that has been renamed? (I assume there must be an equivalent).

Of course if it does still exist, then it could be the user group query that's now wrong.

Jake B.

Well-known member
Have bypassed user group imports and am just assigning everyone to registered for now and for the most part everything past that has worked fine, so far the only functions that cause an error are:

_isAdmin and _hasAdminPermissions - Bypassed this one and will manually promote users
_isSuperModerator - Bypassed this one and will manually promote users

I haven't tested the "Import moderators" step, so I'm not sure if there are errors from that