IPB 3.4.x to XenForo


I was told all I'd need is the database of the IPB forum and the uploads directory. Is this true for XenForo? Are there any guides on how to convert over from IPB to XenForo? I am using the IPB hosted solution as I did not think my forum would be a success. IPB said that was all I'd need to convert.. They said I need not have a license to do so (convert from ipb to XF)

Here is a guide:


The IPB importer is the same process, except the first step will ask you for the path to your uploads folder.

Thanks. I can probably manually backup my uploads directory as I only backed up the database right now and will do the uploads part soon. I better fetch that before I even consider switching the site nameservers. ;P I'm confused.. does the IPB forum need no content, or does it mean the XF install? I've never done a forum converting before, ever.
I'm also guessing that the database and such doesn't need to be on the same server? I'd just use the sql database to import the data. I am certain the database doesn't include the username of the database, password, etc. I could only find a way to back up a MySQL database in cPanel.
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