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Search for Import from X-Forum 1.x to clean Xenforo 2.2.x

I have a old CGI/Perl based (at the moment not more runing) X-Foum forum, witch I want to import in a clean fresh Xenforo.
Who can help or do the job completly?

Infos about X-Forum:

X-Forum runs on Perl/CGI, the data is stored in tousands database files at filesystem in some directorys - no use from MySQL or similar modern databases. Its a old forum-dino from the early 2000er years - I know... ;)
At the moment, the old forum its not runing, some trouble with Perl/CGI I think. But the opend database files are good mechanical readable.
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Links was broken, I fix it - now you can take a look at the old forum software called "X-Forum".
I've sent a conversation message. We've handled many forums using flat files, so this is a service we can provide.
see your PNs from today. :)

At all:
Please no new offers at the moment, we are already in discussion.
Thank you for all offers!
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