IPB 3.4.4 to xF


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hello guys!

I just purchased xenForo, i run IPB 3.4.4 but when i try to convert it there are options only for IPB 3.1 and 3.2...which one should i select?


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I used IPBoard 3.2 and worked fine!

The only issue i can see now is that, the members count is just 1, though everyone is able to login using their normal username and password at ipb

EDIT: Fixed :)


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anything that has to do with the posts seems broken :(

Did you try the mod linked above?

You can also try to run a query at the db.

UPDATE xf_post
SET message = REPLACE(message, 'html_stuff_here', '');

Where html_stuff_here stands for the html tags that appear in posts. That ought to remove them.


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That explains it then and why the 3.1/3.2 importers don't work.

Thanks for clearing that up.

And hence why I stated: "If the schemas are similar then you can try 3.2." :)

Jake Bunce

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Hey, okay.
Did you have so much problems with äöü converting into the XF ?
I have much problems there, and in some posts the HTML brackets (<p> </p>) are viewable, if i open a thread.

Thanks for answering ;)

### edit: ###
There you can see pictures how my forum looks like after the import :(

Those images aren't viewable.

For <p> tags: